About Us

The Motivation

Aspire not to be bound by traditional definitions, subversive ideas to challenge the traditional jewelry industry, interpret a different street attitude and meet people's demand for affordable and high quality jewelry. We are dedicated to promoting hip-hop fashion jewelry and hip-hop street culture to the world. Our unique design style insists on constant innovative thinking, ultimately creating hip-hop style jewelry with individual characteristics.



Details make every piece perfect.

We use modern 3D CAD designs to make the molds, wax to create the molds, and then set all the stones by hand. One by one, the stones are set to perfection. 



We use inexpensive metals such as brass, sometimes real silver, and then give it a thick coating of gold or rhodium. As a result, you get a finished product that looks identical to something worth thousands of dollars. But the only constant guarantee is always a high quality presentation.