Customer Service

It's a pleasure to meet you in NADAMODA.

Welcome to join our membership, you only need to fill in some basic information, you can enjoy the huge benefits we bring to you.


1.Register to become our members, members will be eligible to participate in our pre-sale activities, can enjoy 30% discount, 40% discount, or even 50% discount price to buy our pre-sale products.

2.For every purchase in the store, we will accumulate the corresponding points for you. For every US dollar you consume, you can accumulate one point. Ten points can be used as one US dollar, which can be used in any store in NADAMODA.

3.Spend more than  $500 in the store, enjoy a 15% discount on all goods, spend more than $1000, enjoy a 10% discount on all goods, enjoy a 20% discount over $2000, and be free of freight for life. PS :Discounts are not stackable.

4.If you consume any products in the store, you can participate in the store's holiday activities. According to customer needs, we will prepare some limited edition items for customers, such as shoes, trousers, accessories, and even daily necessities, electronic products and so on.

5.Every registered member can participate in our "national designer" activity, you can design your favorite clothes and send them to us, whether it is manuscripts, sketches, or samples, we can help you turn into finished clothing.

If these clothes are on the shelves in our store, you can get your own clothes for free, and you can get a certain percentage of commission for every successful order after this dress.

For details, please consult our customer service staff.

6.Customers who have spent in our store will be invited to join our official Facebookmember community. Our customer service staff will solve purchase-related problems for you at any time in the community with higher efficiency, and will release brand-related pre-sale information and discount activities in a timely manner.

We also encourage customers to share fashion-related information and discuss it amicably in the community.

Customers who have not consumed but have registered members will also be invited to join our official Facebook novice community, where customers can more easily talk about fashion-related topics and get more timely and detailed feedback on the brand's pre-sales consultation, and customers can also refer to each other and choose products that are more suitable for each other.

7.We will issue coupons with different amounts from time to time for different levels of members, and the higher the level, the higher the amount of coupons available.

At the same time, we issue gift cards to high-level members on a quarterly basis, which can be transferred to friends and used as cash on our NADAMODA website.

8.Introduce Nadamoda to your friends.

Give your friends $10 off when they place their first order with Nadamoda.

And to say thanks we'll give you $10 off your next order when you spend over $50 for each friend who purchases for the first time.


We accept customers to buy in the form of orders, and enjoy special prices, we still welcome order customers to participate in our "designer alliance", can enjoy more generous concessions and treatment. Please note that you are the most special.

For details, please consult our customer service staff.

We look forward to joining us.